DJ Craig Gaibler

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SUN 02.16.14
Union T-Dance
President's Day Weekend
San Francsico, CA 


SUN 02.16.14
Union T-Dance
President's Day Weekend
San Francsico, CA 



Much Respect | Steve Sherwood's newest podcast "I Heart Deep House"

I've been lucky enough to work with my friend DJ Steve Sherwood over the years, and his most recent podcast is just incredible.  Take a listen, and enjoy!  

And be on the lookout for a new podcast from the two of us in the coming weeks!

Much respect and love,

DJ Craig Gaibler


Song of the Moment | Sia feat. The Weeknd & Diplo - Elastic Heart (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Club Mix)

Well, damn.  My favorite artist mixed by my favorite producers / remixers.


Announcement | DJ Craig Gaibler - Looking back and moving forward

Hi there disco boys and girls-

Today marks my 35th birthday, and it’s time to share a very important message with all of you. 

Over the past five years, I’ve been given the biggest gift of my life – to chase my dream of being a DJ. During this time, I’ve been able to do things I never imagined would be possible.  I got to headline gigs in different countries, spin the famed Winter Music Conference, work with many of my heroes,meet and befriend an incredible musical community, and even DJ one of the most important events I’ve ever been a part of – REAL BAD XXV.  Most of all, I’ve been able to express myself the most important way I know how – through music.

As I look on to thirty five and begin the next chapter of my life, I’ve come to an incredibly difficult decision.  While DJing has been one of the most thrilling experiences of my life, it’s time to essentially hang it up.  I need to focus on other things.

I know I can look back and be proud.  Much of the pride I feel is due to the incredible community who helped make this happen.  Please, indulge me for just a minute to explain…

Five years ago, a large group of friends who barely knew me helped celebrate my 30thbirthday. As a new resident of San Francisco, I didn’t know many people, and was overwhelmed with the welcome I received.  With coordination from the incredible P Tyrone Smith, my best friend Kate Hardin, and a group of close friends, the people at that party helped me raise money to pay for a set of DJ equipment.  I am proud to say I have used that equipment the entire time I have spun.

This party was one of my first experiences with the “San Framily”, and I tie much of my experience as a DJ to this incredible group of people in San Francisco.  Tyrone told me anything was possible, and with this amazing gesture by people who hardly knew me, he was proven right.  I will never forget that day, and am eternally grateful to everyone who was there.

Because of that experience, it has always been important for me to say “thank you”, acknowledge other talents in our community, and support other artists and promoters as so many have supported me.  The “San Framily” idea of community shaped not only who I was as a DJ, but who I am as an adult.

As I say goodbye to this part of my life, it is important for me to acknowledge the people who have supported me – my manager and mentor Tyrone, my best friend Kate Hardin (DJ Craig Gaibler’s first fan!), my new partner Roger Ocon, my amazing circle of friends, and the entire community who danced with me at events, downloaded my podcast, and supported my dream.

So now what?  I’ll still put out my podcast, although not as regularly as I do now, and I will still spin Union, my collaboration with DJ Steve Sherwood, a couple times a year at the Beatbox in San Francisco. Beyond that, I’m leaving it to many more talented DJ’s to take the reins.

I feel so lucky to have shared my love of music with all of you.  Recently, I gave my 13 year old niece some albums by my favorite artists for her birthday, and what I told her is the same thing I’ll leave you with now.

Music can change your life. It can take you in new directions you didn’t know you would go, and opens your eyes to not only the world around you, but who you are as an individual.  I know it certainly changed my life, and it makes me better every day.

Thank you once again, from the bottom of my heart.  I am a better person because of your support and love.


Much love and respect,

DJ Craig Gaibler


Podcast | 13.08 - Up

Hi folks-

My new podcast is now released, and it's full of some of my favorite uplifting and vocal tunes of the year.  From Beyonce (a fav) to The Freemasons and Wayne G, you'll hear many of my biggest influences and musical heroes.  I hope you enjoy!

Without further ado, I give you...

DJ Craig Gaibler 13.08 - Up


01.  Medina - Addiction (Extended Mix)
02.  P!nk (feat. Nate Ruess) - Just Give Me A Reason (Liam Keegan Mix)
03.  Belle Lawrence - With Every Heartbeat (Almighty Anthem Mix)
04.  The Saturdays - Missing You (Cahill Club Mix)
05.  Freemasons feat. Katherine Ellis - Tears (Club Mix)
06.  Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (Wawa & MMB Anthem Mix)
07.  John Newman - Cheating (Freemasons Club Mix)
08.  Beyonce - 1+1 (Wawa Club Mix)
09.  Seamus Haji - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Vocal Mix)
10.  Nik Denton, Paul King - You Make Me Feel Good (Nik Denton Mix)
11.  Icona Pop - All Night (Wayne G and LFB Remix)
12.  Monsieur Adi feat. A.M.E. - What's Going On (Wawa Club Mix)
13.  Paul Harris vs. The Eurythmics - I Want You (Piton & Sanna Club Mix)
14.  Foxes - Youth (Seamus Haji Remix)
15.  Calvin Harris - Thinking About You (EDX's Belo Horizonte At Night Remix)

Let me know what you think of my new set, as I'm quite proud of it.

Much love and respect,

DJ Craig Gaibler


Song of the Moment | Freemasons feat. Katherine Ellis - Tears (Original Mix)