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SUN 02.16.14
Union T-Dance
President's Day Weekend
San Francsico, CA 


SUN 02.16.14
Union T-Dance
President's Day Weekend
San Francsico, CA 


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Much Respect | DJ Russ Rich (SFO)

Hey there disco boys and girls-

This month's Much Respect posting features one of my favorite San Francisco DJ's, and someone who has become a very close friend over the past two years - DJ Russ Rich.  Russ and I met while DJing together, and we quickly bonded over a shared love of sexy, vocal dance music.  Russ has had an incredible influence on me, and we have spun together many times and even collaborated on a recent podcast together - one of my favorites, if I do say so myself.

If you've ever heard Russ spin, you've probably left the dance floor with a smile on your face. That's because the music he loves to play is big, happy, vocal house, with a touch of gospel, progressive, tribal and tech thrown in to keep things moving. Russ has been inspired by artists like Prince, Everything but the Girl, Madonna, and Peyton, as well as producers/DJ's the Freemasons, Moto Blanco, Victor Calderone, and Tony Moran.

Originally hailing from Minneapolis, Russ moved to San Francisco in 1997, and became immersed in San Francisco's dance music scene. Institutions like Club Universe, Mass @ 1015 Folsom and the End Up showcased some of his favorite DJs, like David Harness, Neal Lewis, and Phil B. A few years later, with clubs like Industry and Matinee emerging, Luke Johnstone and Jamie J. Sanchez became two inspirations, and Russ began venturing into the scene as a DJ.

Over the past few years, Russ has become quite an influence in the SF scene.  He's recently headlined parties such as PLAY T-Dance at Lazy Bear, I Just Wanna F*ckin' Dance, Rub, Epic, and has been regularly seen spinning with the likes of The Freemasons, Hector Fonseca, Dave Aude, and other dance legends.  He'll soon be spinning the new party Sauna with DJ Lee Decker on February 4th.

Russ has become an incredible mentor, a partner-in-crime, and an amazing friend over the past few years.  He continually inspires and challenges me to become a better musician.  I am truly honored to show Russ some well-deserved respect this month.  You can find out more about DJ Russ Rich on his website and Facebook page.  Much Respect, my friend!

DJ Craig Gaibler


Top Ten | December 2011 - Influences

Howdy disco boys and girls-

Have you ever had one of those moments listening to one of your favorite DJ's, and you hear a song so amazing, you have to find out what it is? This month's top 10 is all based around songs I heard throughout the year from influential DJs and had to know what they were.

Each of these songs represents what I love - luscious, melodic, and sexy.  But each song says something special about each of the DJ's I heard play them.  Take a look below to see each DJ and the song they played....

Top Ten 11.12 - December 2011 - Influences by DJ Craig Gaibler

Ola - All Over the World (Cahill Mix) (as played by DJ Russ Rich)

Kristine W - Land of the Living (Timothy Allen Mix) (as played by Moto Blanco)

Gat Decor - Passion (Freemasons Bootleg Mix) (as played by the Freemasons)

Dreamette - Night of Your Life (Wayne G White Party Mix) (as played by Wayne G)

Digital Blonds - Stars (Phil B's Durty Chunk mix) (as played by Phil B)

Paul Goodyear - Heavenly Angels (Paul Goodyear Ethereal Mix) (as played by Paul Goodyear)

Blake Lewis - Til We See The Sun (Danny Verde Mix) (as played by DJ Brandon Moses)

Melanie C - I Turn To You (Gil Shwartz Mix) (as played by DJ Bryan Reyes)

Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Big in Japan (Denzal Park Mix) (as played by Denzal Park)

Selena Gomez - Love You Like A Love Song (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Mix) (as played by DJ Escape)

I love these songs, and I think you will too!  What's your favorite dance floor moment of the past year?

DJ Craig Gaibler 


Podcast | 11.11 - SESSIONS: with DJ Russ Rich

Hi there disco boys and girls-

This month, I wanted to revisit one of my favorite podcast series - SESSIONS.  I started doing this series because I wanted to collaborate with DJ's I love and respect.  My first podcast was with DJ Brian Maier in January (you can download the podcast here), and this month, I'm working with another amazing guy - DJ Russ Rich.  

Russ and I have a very similar style - we both love vocal, progressive, and upbeat dance music.  I've been fortunate to DJ with Russ quite a few parties together, but I also love hearing him spin.  He has an amazing energy and connection with the crowd, and you can always tell he's enjoying the music just as much as everyone dancing.

The intent of our podcast was to take two hours of T-dance music we both love and create a uplifting journey for you to enjoy.  Everything about our podcast was a team effort.  From the song choices, to the order and the mixing, to even the cover art, this entire project was an amazing collaboration.

As always, you can find my music by subscribing to my podcast on iTunes, or you can download or listen to each mix on Podomatic or Soundcloud.

Without further ado, I present to you:

"DJ Craig Gaibler 11.11 - SESSIONS: with DJ Russ Rich"

11.11 - SESSIONS: with DJ Russ Rich by DJ Craig Gaibler


01.  Jennifer Hudson - Everybody Needs Love (Moto Blanco Club Mix)

02.  Buzz Junkies - If You Love Me (Moto Blanco Mix)

03.  Katherine Ellis, Jolyon Petch, Elektrik Disko, Steve Richards - Nothin' But Luv (Club Mix)

04.  Jamiroquai - (Don't) Give Hate A Chance (Freemasons Mix)

05.  Beyonce - Deja Vu (Freemasons Club Mix)

06.  Hannah - I Believe In You (Cahill Club Mix)

07.  The Wanted - Gold Forever (Moto Blanco Club Mix)

08.  Will Young - Jealousy (Moto Blanco Mix)

09.  Erasure - Be With You (Moto Blanco Mix)

10.  The Reason 4 - Take It All (Uniting Nations Remix)

11.  David Guetta feat. Usher - Without You (Cosmic Dawn Mix)

12.  Adele - Someone Like You (Dulcie Danger Bootleg)

13.  Una Mas - I Will Follow You 2011 (Dulcie Danger Remix)

14.  Beverly Knight - Soul Survivor (Bimbo Jones Extended Mix)

15.  Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris - We Found Love (Cahill Club Remix)

16.  Consuelo Costin - Feel So Alive (Scotty K Vocal Klub Remix)

17.  Melanie C - Think About It (7th Heaven Club Mix)

18.  Ola - All Over The World (Cahill Club Mix)

19.  Joe Jonas - Just In Love (Moto Blanco Club Mix)

20.  Will Young - Come On (Cahill Remix)

I feel so lucky to have such inspiring and incredible peers in my life and in our dance community.  I want to send a huge thank you to my amazing friend and incredible DJ Russ Rich.  You are truly a huge inspiration in my life, and I am so happy we got to finally do this!

As always, much love and respect,

DJ Craig Gaibler


Podcast | 11.04 - Live at Industry - 04.30.11

Last month I had a chance to DJ at Industry with some of the people I respect the most in music, and who I'm constantly inspired by - The Freemasons, Luke Johnstone, Jamie J Sanchez, and my great friend DJ Russ Rich.  That night, Russ and I played the VIP room for Luke and Billy Worthen's 40th birthday party, which was a collaboration between Luke's Industry night and Gus Presents.  It was a great night, and I got to play a great high-energy circuit set after Russ killed it for the crowd!

As always, you can always find my music by subscribing to my podcast on iTunes, or download or listen to each mix on Soundcloud or Podomatic:


Without further ado, I present to you:

"DJ Craig Gaibler 11.04 - Live at Industry - 04.30.11" 

11.04 - Live at Industry 04.30.11 by DJ Craig Gaibler

01. DJ Disciple - Whole World Party (Dom Capello Remix)

02. Zayra - Baby Likes To Bang (Razor N Guido Throwback Mix)

03. Nightcrawlers - Push the Feeling On (Ralphi Rosario Mix)

04. Amber - Sexual (Alexander & Mark Vdh Mix)

05. Edson Pride - Venus (Original Mix)

06. Kelis - Acapella (Gustavo Scorpio Private Mix)

07. Shontelle - Impossible (Thiago Antony Circuit Mix)

08. Wanessa - Stuck On Repeat (Dave Aude Club Remix)

09. Kat Deluna - Dancing Tonight (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix)

10. Alexis Jordan - Happiness (Gustavo Scorpio Club Mix)

11. Katy Perry - Firework (Gustavo Scorpio Private Mix)

12. Rihanna - S & M (Guto Rodrigues Club Mix)

13. Lady GaGa - Born This Way (Amy Alderman Don't Be A Drag Just Be A Mix)

14. Red Carpet - Alright (Moran & Den Broeder Vocal Club Mix)

15. Delerium - Silence (David Esse & Antoine Clamaran Remix)

16. Madonna - Like A Prayer (Amy Alderman's Private 2k10 Heaven Mix)

17. Usher - DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again (Edson Pride and Thiago Antony Mix)

18. Enrique Iglesias - Tonight (I'm Fuckin' You) (Rany & Bryan Reyes Dirty Mix)

19. Amy Winehouse - Rehab (Gustavo Scorpio Private Mix)

20. ABBA - Winner Takes It All (Gustavo Scorpio Private Mix)

That night was so much fun, and I got to play so much music I love.  I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to spinning with these amazing guys again!

As always, much love and respect, 

DJ Craig Gaibler